Mindful Swimming with Chie Cross
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  Reflexes, Learning and Behaviour -- A Window Into the Child's Mind
by Sally Goddard; ISBN 0-9615332-8-5

The Well Balanced Child
by Sally Goddard Blythe ISBN 1-903458-63-3

Active Baby, Healthy Brain
by Margaret Sasse ISBN 978-1-61519-006-5

  When Listening Comes Alive -- A Guide to Effective Learning and Communication
by Paul Madaule; ISBN 0-9697079-1-6

Shobogenzo: The True Dharma Eye Treasury
by Zen Master Dogen; ISBN 978-1-886439-35-1

Alexander Work
The Use of the Self
by FM Alexander; ISBN 0-575-03720-2

The Alexander Technique As I See It
by Patrick Macdonald; ISBN 0-9515072-0-6

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