Mindful Swimming with Chie Cross
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Testimonial for Mike and Chie

(Received June 2016)

I took my daughter to see Mike and Chie when I was at my wits end.  My six year old daughter was angry a lot, had regular tempers or meltdowns frequently lashing out.  She was deeply distressed at bed time, refusing to go to sleep without holding my hand.  Any kind of disciplinary techniques made any of these situations worse.  She kept saying she was ‘rubbish at things’ and had very low self-esteem.  Her writing was poor, and it would be a battle getting her to write anything.  Had I not had her twin sister to compare her with I would have wondered what on earth I was doing for her to be like this.  But her twin displayed none of these behaviours so I could only assume it was something specific to her.  It was exhausting and unpleasant for all of us, it was like walking on egg shells for much of the time, none of us wanting to do something to upset her. It was however most unpleasant for my daughter who hated herself after she had lashed out, or had a meltdown and berated herself after any such event.  One day, at my wits end, I searched the internet to see what I could find about outbursts of behaviour.  Someone on Mum’s net mentioned retained reflexes.  The more I searched the more the symptoms of having retained reflexes fitted my daughter.  I was recommended Mike and Chie’s number and when I initially spoke to Mike the conversation went something like this

Mike –What’s her balance like?

Me – Fine as far as I can see.

Mike - What about when she has her eyes closed?

Me - I am not sure.

Mike - Well if she has retained reflexes, she might feel very unsafe when she closes her eyes.

Bingo. That is exactly what her behaviour suggested. 

Mike - She will also have very low self-esteem and confidence.

Bingo again. 

Mike - She is likely to resist writing and get her letters back to front

And thrice Bingo,

So I went to see Mike and Chie.  The results were astounding.  I had a short exercise to do every night for 6 months to get my daughters vestibular system back in balance.  Within 2 weeks I noticed the temper tantrums had stopped, gone, vanished completely.  Amazing but true.  She still had what I would call usual upsets, but nothing like the melt downs that she used to have. Within 6 months she went to sleep on her own.  After 6 years of nightmarish bedtimes, this was truly an achievement.  She became happier in herself, more confident, kinder to herself and all of us.  Our home became a loving relaxed environment to be in and her relationship with her sister flourished.    Teachers commented on a ‘step change in her writing’ one that was ‘unusual to happen so quickly’ and she had become relaxed, and fun.  We are continuing to complete the course to integrate some other retained reflexes and I often forget how bad it was a year ago.  If ever I hear of a child not being able to close their eyes at bed time, I tell them to speak to Mike and Chie.

Throughout the course, Mike and Chie have displayed professional and kind behaviour.  They have been delightful with my daughter, letting her be as she needs to be throughout the treatment and encouraging and supporting her (and me!) in continuing with the exercises. They have been knowledgeable about the subject, answered all my questions and spent longer than our usual time going over things I am unsure on and want to know more about.  They have been on the end of an email during the time I am doing the exercises at home, to reassure me or answer any questions I might have.  Also they charge a very fair rate and don’t take advantage of parents who really would do anything to help their child in that situation.

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